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(This page last modified 10/24/2020)

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A. The Problem (Verizon is deleting Yahoo groups)
B. The New Group
C. Viewing Messages
E. How To Unsubscribe
F. For Announcers Only

ABOUT this email group: This PUBLIC email group allows NC PA MRR clubs to announce open houses, train shows, or other club news. You can “subscribe” yourself (Sect. D) or “unsubscribe” yourself (Sect. E) anytime you wish, or you just “browse” messages without joining.

A. The Problem:rest in peace yahoo groups
  • On Monday Oct. 12, 2020, Verizon informed us that it will complete its trashing of all Yahoo groups — by totally DELETING them all  on Dec. 15, 2020.
  • If anyone wants to send any messages on the old Yahoo group, make sure you do so BEFORE Dec. 15.

B. The New Group

We have created a new PUBLIC group at to replace the Yahoo group.


  • The groups .io works very similar to the Yahoo groups.
  • The same guy that designed Yahoo groups before Yahoo bought them, Mark Fletcher, designed

C. Viewing Messages

  • “Messages” can be viewed using this link:  .
    • Note that there is also a “Messages” link on the upper left corner of the Group’s home page.
  • You do NOT need to be a member of the group to READ the announcements (messages).
  • ANYONE can browse these announcements — even WEEKS after they were sent.

D. How To SUBSCRIBE To The [track2] Group

If you “subscribe” to this group, you will receive the announcements in your EMAIL as soon as the Announcer sends the messages.

Step 1:

Warning: You’re NOT subscribed yet.
You MUST complete Step 2.

Step 2:

  • will send you a “request for confirmation” email.
    • You should receive it almost immediately after doing Step 1.
  • Find the “request for confirmation” email in your inbox
    • The sender will be
    • The subject will be “Confirm Your Subscription“.
  • Then just hit the REPLY button.  This CONFIRMS your request to join the group.

What Happens Next:

  • will automatically subscribe the address from which it receives the blank email.   
  • You will receive a confirmation message., with the subject “Welcome to“.
FYI Comments:

 Note:  Some addresses may not be “subscribe-able”:

  • There are a few addresses that that they may NOT allow you to subscribe: “admin@..”, “info@..”, “sales@..”, “support..@”, and “webmaster@..

Optional MAIL RULE:
We recommend you set up a “mail rule” in your email app — to have all messages containing [Track2] in the subject line, automatically put into a separate mailbox named “[Track2]”.

E. How To Unsubscribe

You can easily “unsubscribe” (leave) this group any time you wish.

  • Step 1: Send a blank email (no subject or body is necessary) to .
  • This initiates your un-subscription.
  • Step 2: You’ll get a message titled “”Confirm Your Unsubscription“. Just reply to that message to confirm you want to leave.

F. For Announcers Only

Posting Privileges: 
  • You first need to “Join” the group as a member — so perform Step 1 and Step 2 above to join, if you’re not already a member.
  • To send a message, you first need to get “posting privileges” for your email address.  

To get “posting privileges”, please contact the volunteer moderator, James Ingram.  He will give your address ‘posting privileges’.

  • Once you have “posting privileges”, the system will ‘accept’ your message and then put it on a web page, plus distribute it to any ‘subscribers’ to the group.
    • ((It will automatically reject messages from others who do not have the  ‘posting privileges’; this is an attempt to keep Spammers from sending Spam messages.))


To send a message to the group, address it to:

Archive: subscribe/unsubscribe site for old Yahoo group: